8.25 Panna Silver Ring

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  • Brand: Pranjal Gems
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Intellectuality Panna stone can help enhance an individual’s understanding of life, taking a balanced stand and the ability to understand complex things of life with ease. You will find a sharp spurt in your creative abilities, language skills, artistic talents and power to innovate. Betters Communication Panna can make you communication better. You will gain the power of expression and gain a lucid style of communicating your ideas to others. The confidence and aplomb with which you can talk to others will win their appreciation. Bestows Medical Benefits It can help you overcome speech difficulties and can remedy respiratory difficulties. It can also help in nervous disorders and allergies. Enhances Focus and Attention This can help increase the ability to concentrate and focus. People with severe mental disturbances, stress and anxiety can find wearing panna stone highly useful in relieving them from such disturbances. Makes One Famous You will find your fame rising like mercury. Fame and fortune shall come rushing to you. Professions benefited by Panna Stone Individuals who are writers, politicians, spiritual scientists, into shipping business, auditors, councillors, ministers, public speakers, judges, founders of schools and colleges, architects, computer related field, medicines, publishing, government officers can gain huge profit in their profession by wearing Panna Stone.

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