10.25 Black Hakik

  • Rs.449 Rs.2,799
  • Brand: Pranjal Gems
  • Product Code: black hakik 6
  • Availability: In Stock

PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT REAL GEMSTONES WON'T BE CHEAP. YOU CAN TEST YOUR STONE AT YOUR LOCAL LAB, IF YOU BOUGHT IT REALLY CHEAP. YOU ARE BUYING HERE FROM A MANUFACTURER AND STARTING POINT TRADER. WE JUST SELL GENUINE AND NO FAKE STONES. DON'T FALL PREY TO LOW PRICES AS ASTROLOGICAL STONES ARE ONLY WORTH IF THEY ARE ORIGINAL. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT WEARING THEM FOR THE COLOR BUT FOR A PURPOSE! WE ARE NOT A PART OF “PRICE WAR” BUT BELIVES IN MAINTAINING A STANDARD LOWEST PRICE FOR GENUINITY AND QUALITY. !!!BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AT US!!! !!!Buy Genuine Fine Quality Direct from Manufacturer!!! We manufacture/process nearly all Real Genuine and Natural Gemstones (Birthstones) that comes along with a Authorized Certificate. We understand that for the end customer, its very difficult to know that which quality of Gemstone (as suggested by their astrologer or if wearing as a BirthStone) they should purchase. For the same purpose, from our production, we have hand selected the Birthstones / Gemstones / Rashi Ratan in a single wearable quality(meant specifically for astrological purposes) with exact prices, making it easy for the customer to select. We do not process cheap stones that hold no importance while wearing for astrological meaning. Please note the gemstones may vary in color/looking as due to various limitations. Size/Weight Selection: <18 years: upto 4.25 carats, >18 Years: 5.25 carats and up. To be made in Ring or Pendant (Wearing finger: Middle or Third Finger of Right Hand, Wearing Day: Saturday). ALSO OF IMMENSE VALUE IN ISLAM And For Good Economical Condition In HINDU DHARMA

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